Sachin Tendulkar and My Privileged Day.

It was 8th Nov 09, India v Australia in my city. Got hold of pavilion balcony tickets, somehow. Caught glimpses of the man from within 5-6 feet during the match in the pavilion. Privileged to see him go through all the small routines that he performed, while about to leave for the field, padding up before batting. Such simplicity, joking around with team mates, hand gestures to team mates batting at the crease, shadow practices after padding up. Explaining to a team mate about the ball that he got out on, with hand gestures and feet movements and how he should’ve played that ball. Totally *Amazing* scenes those were!! As the match concluded, lunged into the balcony railing and screamed for half and hour non-stop only these words, ‘SACHIN.. ‘SACHIN’ and pointed to him a poster made by me which said, ‘Sachin, you’re like God to me. Please bless me with your Autograph.’ Alas didn’t get an autograph but a wonderful wave and smile from him upon seeing my poster. Maybe would’ve come out for the autograph from the door of the pavilion, had it not been for a killjoy security guard and an idiot team mate of his dragging him away for some talk. Still got that poster, maybe for next time surely


A human being -> A father -> A celebrity

What would a father do when he sees his children from a distance, being manhandled, pushed and shoved around by a stranger? Stand there silently like a coward or some meek, humble sissy or briskly walk, rather rush up to them and stop the person from treating his children inhumanly. 9 out 10 fathers would do the latter. Out of those 9 people, many might react very angrily, even get physical with that person preceded by a verbal spat maybe. One’s children are the most important people in one’s life. They are God’s gifts. They are responsibilities of lives entrusted by the higher power, the almighty to take care of, in his earth. Blessed is one who gives life to someone and takes care of those lives. It’s way of serving god. Some say in children, lies God.

Anyhow, when someone treats your beloved children badly, and in instances where the intention is just to throw their weight around in the garb of sanctimonious rules etc. a loving parent will act in a way similar to a particular celebrity did, some days ago in a sporting event. Some might argue that a celebrity has to uphold, rather guard his stature and his position even more, just because he constantly remains in the public eye and in some sorts, an example setter. But a celeb or a no celeb, a father is always a father and a human being. No loving one father would tolerate unkindness to his children. In this case, it was a dotting father whose life revolves around as much his children and family as stardom, if not more! It’s another fact that he’s also a loyal husband, a trait easy to lose in tinsel town.

The celebrity being talked here, is one of India’s known figures, an icon to some in the field of entertainment and showbiz. Him getting abusive was, although uncalled for and perhaps controllable, but in the heat of the moment, the father and a self-respecting person eclipsed and took over the celebrity. At the end of the day, celebrities are after all human beings just like you and me. Maybe, the authorities in the arena were doing their duties, but they should acted more sensibly. It’s easier to take on a celeb for cheap thrills as some rogue elements among the authorities did during the skirmish of sorts. The authorities needed to act sensibly. This could have been done by handling the children well, by making them understand that were supposed to leave. And not by pushing and shoving them. Mind you, it wasn’t that, it was just his children who were on the field, but a whole bunch of children, all friends to his children, whom the person took upon himself to take home after the conclusion of that sporting event. And by the looks of it, he clearly went there, just for that specific purpose rather than for anything else, which can be believed by the fact that he landed there after the conclusion of the event. The children shouldn’t have been allowed to be there in that particular space in the first place, is another point. The authorities should have also tried to make their side understand to the person being talked about here, in an amicable manner rather than just jumping on him with authoritative force, for whatever reasons, maybe for, as I said earlier, some cheap thrill and/or throwing their weight around.

All in all, here, both sides in the skirmish are to be blamed in some way or the other. The balance of righteousness could have been towards the celebrity, had he refrained from using an abusive tone (which of course has been established by an audio grab of the scheme of events there) but that after being supposedly provoked in certain ways. It’s easier said than done, for some, specially in the heat of moments like those.

Clearly, the parent in that person took over the celebrity in him, just like some rogue elements had taken over in the authoritative positions of the other side, much much earlier. The higher authorities of the event, the ground to be specific, would do well to dwell on this fact. Lastly, whether I am fan of the celebrity or not does not matter with respect to the thoughts in this post. What I feel spontaneously on the incident does..

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